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Jelly spa pedicure foot soak


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  • UNLIKE OTHER JELLY FOOT SOAKS THAT DO NOT thicken, lose their heat, have minimal scent & come in flimsy packaging, our SOO JELLY pedicure spa packets deliver the MOST LUSCIOUS PLUSH JELLY to wiggle and MASSAGE your toes in, KEEPS ITS HEAT for 2X LONGER while you experience NATURAL LAVENDER AROMATHERAPY with each inhale, all in a READY-TO-GIFT REUSABLE pouch of 3 individual sets. This means ONLY WITH OUR gel foot soak you will have the ULTIMATE herbal feet soaking spa experience!
  • NO MORE DRY, CRACKED FEET THAT embarrass you! Our pedicure foot soak for dry cracked feet contains softening foot soak crystals that act as a callus remover – SOFTENING them in the foot jelly pedi spa to be easily buffed away afterwards with a pumice stone making you have SOFT KISSABLE FEET that are ready to strut and be seen! Our spa gel pack is like a dream crystal gel spa! Our jelly pedicure soak set is superior to boring foot bath salt that leave feet wrinkly & do not soften


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