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What is the vacuum butt lifting machine treatment?

The negative pressure inside the vacuum butt lifting machine cups makes the local capillaries congestion, stimulate the organs, enhance the cell vitality, promote the functional activities, and improve the body’s resistance; the mechanical stimulation of negative pressure, transmitted to the central nervous system through the reflex pathway, can regulate the nerve activity tends to balance. During the operation, the inspiratory deflation, the increase of negative pressure and the disappearance of the negative pressure make the local pores continue to open and close, promote skin respiration, increase the oxygen absorption, and speed up the waste elimination.

How does the vacuum butt lifting machine work?

The suction cups of the vacuum buttocks lifting therapy machine on the butt can correct and adjust the butt muscles. This wonderful body enhancement butt lifting machine consists of two cups and a hose when it is working on the body which connection on the Y tube that connects to your butt vacuum therapy machine. Place the cups on the butt and hold for 30 to 40 minutes, keeping the pressure moderate or low – depending on the patient’s comfort and the therapist’s judgment (depending on the tone of the butt) – and the system uses the pulse frequency.

What will the result be after the vacuum butt lifting machine treatment?

Many clients are satisfied with the butt lifting treatment result after eight treatments. However, during the consultation, the beautician may discuss treatment plans that meet your specific treatment needs. We recommend two maintenance treatments per month after the original treatment to get a long-lasting result.

Can I go back to work immediately after the butt cupping machine treatment?

The vacuum butt lift treatment is completely non-surgical, so you can usually go on with your normal activities immediately. Some clients may have redness, minor bruising, stinging, numbness or discomfort in the treated area, but this is temporary and will be completely resolved in a few days. Usually, the patient returns to work after the treatment session ends.

Who is suitable for the vacuum buttocks lifting therapy machine treatment?

1. The butt are sunken, flat, not sexy enough;
2, The butt are less fat and flat .
3, People who attach importance to the appearance of the body shape.
4. Psychological or professional needs to be more perfect.
5, The fullness of the butt is not enough.

How many sessions should I do to get a satisfied full buttock through the vacuum cupping machine?

The recommend session is 10 times for a session of treatment. After a session of treatment, the excess fat in the butt begins to disappear, the surrounding fat begins to concentrate, and the butt curve is formed after three sessions of treatment, which increases the elasticity of the butt. To get a long-lasting result, one treatment per months after all the original sessions are finished is recommended to strengthen the effect.

Anything to take attention to after the treatment?

1. Please do not take bath within 4-6 hours after the vacuum butt lifting treatment, 
2. The initial strength of the first 1-3 times should not be too large, so as not to cause skin congestion. 
3. You can wear underwear which can lift the hips to prevent slack or sagging after the butt cupping treatment.

People do not recommend to do the vacuum buttocks cupping lifting treatment with the following condition.

1.Menstrual period, pregnancy, lactation. 
2.Heart disease, high blood pressure, and other diseases. 
3.For serious illnesses, such as acute infectious diseases, skin diseases, etc., 
4.Elderly frail and excessive aging population, 
5. Some people who have had surgery, or are recovering from surgery, 
6. People who are too weak.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the results permanent?
Results will vary from person to person depending on follow up care and continued exercise after vacuum cupping treatment. Beauty is a long-term process. Continue the vacuum cupping buttocks lifting therapy once a month is better to maintain the result.
2. Am I a candidate for this vacuum cupping treatment?
Yes, anyone who is looking to enhance their body curve can utilize this vacuum butt lifting procedure since it is totally non-invasive and without any side effects for people. You can do it with any scruple.
3. Can I return to normal activities after the butt lifting procedure?
The procedure is non-surgical, so typically you can return to normal activities immediately. Some people experience redness, minor bruising, tingling, numbness or discomfort in the treated area, but this is temporary. It will recover in a few hours or no less than a day. 
4. Does it hurt?
Not at all. Some people may feel a bit strange when they start treatment for the first time. You can lie there and relax or talk to your friends to divert your attention. After a while, you will feel comfortable and adapt to the treatment. It is non-invasive so there is no wound healing. There may be some redness in the blood circulation from the surgery, but it should not cause any pain during the operation